Trostenets is the fourth largest concentration camp in Europe and the largest one on the territory of the former USSR. Around 300.000 people were executed here. They were basically Jewish people from Western Europe, but also Jews from Minsk ghetto, partisans, undergrounders, prisoners of war and just civilians.

It is a very memorable place. For many years, the memory of victims of the concentration camp wasn’t eternalized. Only in 2002 the sign, saying that Jews were killed there, was put.

During 1960s the dumpsite was made in Trostenets to hide the traces of crimes of the Stalin’s regime. It is supposed, that prisoners from Minsk NKVD prisons were executed here.

In 2018 in Trostenets the monument was opened. However, it only commemorates the prisoners of Nazi concentration camp.

A few years ago, activists put in Trostenets wooden crosses with signs, which inform about Stalin’s purges. A few days before the opening of the memorial the “wrong” crosses were taken off.