Forgotten Memories

Several times I happened to come across some thrown out old photos. Once it was a camera with an undeveloped film inside I found near the trash can when I was throwing out the rubbish. It occurred that the film was inside the camera for more than 10 years as this film is not produced anymore. After developing it, I found out that it contains some photos from the holiday. I had a lot questions in my mind. What made the person leave the film undeveloped for such a long time and finally throw it away? Who are the people on the photographs? Who does the camera belong to? Whatever it is, we can imagine our own story now.




The second waif is even older then the previous one. These photos were on two 120 mm slides. They looked very old and dirty. It is probably the post-war time. It has strangely survived such a long time to be thrown away in the end.